Resources for Schools

Incursions and Excursions

Algae Busters – Catchment Story (Years 1-4)
Interactive presentation where students learn about catchments, nutrients and algae. Students participate in a fun catchment story about nutrient sources and see first hand what happens when nutrients enter our river and wetland systems. Students also learn how to save our rivers and wetlands.

River Food Web (Years 5-12)
Students not only learn about catchments, nutrients and algae but also how complex river and wetland ecosystems are. Students become an animal or plant and interact with other animals in the system. They will discover just how reliant they are on each other when an algal bloom occurs!

Building a Frog Pond IncursionBuilding a Frog Habitat (All Years)
A must have presentation if a school is considering building a frog pond/bog.
Students learn about the frogs of the Perth Region and listen to their calls then a frog pond is constructed in the classroom.
All the essential elements in constructing frog habitat are covered in detail.

Clean Drains River Gains (Years 5-12)

Students learn about catchments, pollution and algae with an emphasis on stormwater drains. Students will locate drains in the school grounds and then the Clean Drains River Gains message will be painted on them. Students will learn in detail how to keep our rivers healthy.

Go Fish! – Canning River Fish IncursionGo Fish! (Years 5-12)

Students go 'fishing' and discover what fish are found in the freshwater section of the Canning River. What affects our native fish is discussed and students help to create healthy fish habitat. What we can all do to look after our native fish and our waterways is also covered.

Planting Opportunities (All Years – Available June - October)
Students get a chance to get dirty at a local rehabilitation site where they will plant local native species! The benefits of planting these species will be covered in detail including increasing biodiversity, being Fertilise Wise and improving the health of rivers and wetlands.

Click here to download our Resources for Schools and Youth Groups Flier which outlines more incursions/excursions that are on offer.

Resource Sheets

Our Rivers Need You
A fun colouring-in worksheet that explains where nutrients comes from, how it affects our rivers and what we can do about it.

Where Does the Water Go?
A fun colouring in worksheet which shows where water from our houses and our street drains flow to.

Please Don't Feed Us

A fun colouring in sheet about why we should not feed bread to water birds.

Clean Drains River/Wetland Gains
Another fun colouring in sheet about drains and frogs.

Go Fish! How I Can Protect our Native Fish
A worksheet to help students think about what activities they and their families do that may affect native fish and what they can do to protect them.

Detergents We Use In My Home
A worksheet to be completed at home with the help of parents. A close look at the types of detergents used at home.

Questionnaire: Phosphorus Use Around The Home
Another worksheet to be completed at home with the help of parents. Makes families think about how much phosphorus they may be putting into the environment.

Buyer Beware – Read the Labels!
A worksheet designed to make the student think about how different products are marketed.

The Great Algae Growing Exercise
A fun scientific activity where students discover what makes algae grow.

Our Waterways Need You To Help Stop Algal Blooms
A worksheet to help students think about what activities they and their families do that may contribute to algal blooms and what they can do to prevent them.

Creative Activities

Suggestions for students to participate in a fun phosphorus activity!

How You Can Fertilise Wise

A fun colouring-in sheet that gives tips on how we can Fertilise Wise in our gardens.

Click here to go to the SERCUL website where the above resource sheets can be downloaded.

Nutrient Displays

A colourful display which explains the problem, cause and solutions to nutrients and algal blooms in our rivers. This display is available to be borrowed.

Resource Kits

Resource KitsThere are a number of resource kits and files available to be borrowed from SERCUL including:
Frog Kit
- containing preserved frogs and other resources
Macroinvertebrate Kit -
containing basic sampling equipment and nets
Swan River Education Kit
Our Bushland Classroom
... and many, many more.

Education Newsletter

In the first week of every term SERCUL's School's Catchment Education Newsletter is sent to schools south of the river in Perth. The newsletter contains information on teacher PD opportunities and provides ideas and highlights opportunities to get students and schools involved in environmental and catchment education. If you would like to be included on the distribution list for the newsletter please contact us.

Canoeing on the Canning - Teacher PD

Canoeing on the Canning Teacher PD dayCanoeing on the Canning is a full day PD opportunity, generally held during National Water Week in October. Learn about the Indigenous connections to the river, explore the local biodiversity, learn about the fresh water and salt water ecosystems of the area, and hear about the key environmental issues that threaten the Canning River ecosystem while canoeing and on foot. Canoeing on the Canning can also be tailored to an all school PD day or team building session.